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Llarrinda Bed & Breakfast

Affordable Luxury Accommodation near Wilsons Prom


A nature-lover's paradise

When we purchased this 2.5 acre paddock back in 1997 there was little but grass and a small but beautiful remnant rain forest in the gully. There was the occasional wombat and wallaby, a few Crimson Rosellas, Yellow Breasted Robins and frogs, but little else.

Today, as a Land for Wildlife and Landcare property, Llarrinda Bed and Breakfast has created habitat for a vast array of wildlife - and wildlife has rewarded us by coming in droves. At the last count, and depending on the season, more than 68 species of birds and untold numbers of mammals call this land their home.

Llarrinda B & B provides accommodation near Wilsons Prom that is a true nature-lover's paradise. Meet some of our neighbours....


Llarrinda's birds

  1. Australian Magpie
  2. Australian Raven - and song!
  3. Australian Wood Duck
  4. Barking Owl
  5. Bassien Thrush
  6. Boobook Owl
  7. Brown Goshawk
  8. Brown Thornbill
  9. Buff-banded Rail
  10. Buff-rumped Thornbill
  11. Collared Sparrowhawk
  12. Common Blackbird
  13. Common Starling
  14. Crimson Rosella
  15. Eastern (white-cheeked) Rosella
  16. Eastern Spinebill
  17. Eastern Whipbird
  18. European Goldfinch
  19. Fan-tail Cuckoo
  20. Firetail Finch
  21. Gang Gang Cockatoo
  22. Golden Whistler
  23. Grey Butcherbird
  24. Grey Fantail
  25. Grey Shrike Thrush
  26. House Sparrow
  27. Indian Myna
  28. Jackie Winter
  29. King Parrot
  30. Laughing Kookaburra
  31. Leeuwin’s Honeyeater
  32. Little (Brush) Wattlebird
  33. Little (short billed) Corella
  34. Magpie Lark
  35. Masked Plover
  36. Nankeen (Australian) Kestrel
  37. New Holland Honeyeater
  38. Olive Whistler
  39. Peregrine Falcon
  40. Pied Currawong
  41. Powerful Owl
  42. Rainbow Lorikeet
  43. Red Wattlebird
  44. Red-browed Finches
  45. Rose Breasted Cockatoo (Galah)
  46. Sacred Kingfisher
  47. Satin Bowerbird (female)
  48. Shining Bronze-wing Cuckoo
  49. Silvereye
  50. Spotted Pardalote
  51. Spotted Turtle Dove
  52. Stubble Quail
  53. Superb Fairy-wren (Blue-wren)
  54. Superb Lyrebird
  55. Tawny Frogmouth
  56. Wedge Tail Eagle
  57. Welcome Swallow
  58. White-browed Scrub Wren
  59. White-faced Heron
  60. White-fronted Chat
  61. White-headed Pigeon
  62. White-shouldered Kite
  63. White-throated Treecreeper
  64. Willy Wagtail
  65. Wood Duck
  66. Yellow-breasted Robin
  67. Yellow-faced Honeyeater
  68. Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo

Llarrinda's mammals

  1. Antechinus
  2. Brush-tail Possum
  3. Common Wombat
  4. Eastern Grey Kangaroo
  5. Echidna
  6. European brown rat
  7. Field Mouse
  8. Fox
  9. Koala
  10. A variety of Micro bats
  11. Native Bush rat
  12. Rabbit
  13. Ringtail Possum
  14. 14. Swamp Wallaby

Llarrinda's reptiles

  1. A variety of unknown Geckos and Skinks, including the Garden Skink
  2. Copperhead Snake
  3. Eastern Banjo Frog (Pobblebonk)
  4. Eastern Common Froglet
  5. Growling Grass Frog
  6. Eastern Brown Snake
  7. Southern Blue Tongue Lizard
  8. Southern Brown Tree Frog
  9. Tiger Snake
  10. Whistling Tree Frog

Discover wildlife at Llarrinda B & B near Wilsons Prom

Boxing Kangaroos at Wilsons Prom