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Llarrinda Bed & Breakfast

Affordable Luxury Accommodation near Wilsons Prom




Posted on 27 January, 2019 at 6:05

Larry and I love all creatures great and small, and if we had more land we would fill it with rescued animals of all kinds.  But as it is we have just 2.5 acres, which is barely enough for our 4 wonderful sheep and there's not much room for anything else.  Except maybe chickens.  I've lived most of my life not even thinking about chickens - in terms of keeping them that is - until one, then two, and then four Isa Browns wandered across the road from our neighbour's garden and spent a few peaceful days in our garden, making us smile. And we fell in love.

When they saw us they would run to us, as a group, and jostle to be the first to be stroked. What a treat!  I'd never met a chicken before and immediately realised that these ladies all had individual personalities, friendships, fears and preferences.  Those that had been rescued from battery farms were more wary as they'd possibly never met a human they could trust, but I think that with a gentle voice and a good heart that they can tell the good from the bad.

They talked to each other in quite endearing terms, but seemed never to talk over each other.  When one spoke the other waited, then spoke.  And so it was when I carried them home.  I talked to them, and then they talked to me. It was communication.

It's taken far too long for us to build our chicken palace, but I can't wait for it to be finished and for this B&B near Wilsons Prom to have its very own family of chooks.

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